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In crypto, two distinct narratives are unfolding—one highlighting the challenges of Dogecoin (DOGE) and the other introducing Pushd, a decentralized platform gaining traction. Amidst Dogecoin’s uncertainties, a notable figure, a Dogecoin millionaire who previously endorsed Pepe (PEPE), is now focusing on a new crypto project, Pushd.

Dogecoin is struggling

The current 200-day EMA is a vital Dogecoin support level.

Maintaining stability here might indicate a shift in its typical long-term sentiment. 

However, some concerns still come from a recent dip below the 100-day moving average. 

Is Dogecoin set for recovery with the 200-day EMA as a backing, or is this merely a brief pause in the overall downturn?

 The future of Dogecoin is closely tied to the overall market condition and investor feelings.

Let’s now focus on Pushd.

Pushd will reshape eCommerce with decentralization

In contrast to Dogecoin’s challenges, Pushd is a decentralized marketplace. 

Operating similarly to traditional eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay, Pushd stands out by operating fully decentralized. 

The platform allows users to list products without needing any know-your-customer (KYC) processes, ensuring swift and transparent transactions on the blockchain.

Pushd’s user-friendly approach simplifies the listing process for sellers, who can swiftly list their items without enduring prolonged procedures. 

The absence of KYC requirements coupled with instant fund releases post-transaction can liberate sellers from the constraints faced on mainstream platforms. 

Additionally, Pushd has a swap service for users to exchange cryptocurrencies seamlessly with zero commission charges.

Why Pushd?

As a decentralized marketplace, Pushd can enjoy a first-mover advantage.

Presale token holders have governance over the platform, making it a democratic space where investors can propose changes for an optimal user experience. 

Pushd offers a range of utilities, including a debit card, revenue-sharing for presale investors, a swap service, a rewards program, and decentralized governance, solidifying its commitment to revolutionizing the e-commerce sector.


Dogecoin’s struggle and Pushd’s promise give investors a nuanced view of the evolving crypto landscape. Even so, DOGE’s stability depends on market trends, while some experts view Pushd as a potential blue-chip crypto. 

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