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Polkadot (DOT) prices were steady until some new developments caused analysts to express fears of a potential price drop. InQubeta (QUBE), a platform on Ethereum that helps startups find backers for artificial intelligence-based projects, has gained a global user base. It has also received favorable reviews from analysts. 

Its presale funding currently stands at over $8.1 million, challenging the dominance of Render Network in the AI space.

InQubeta: Making fundraising easier for AI startups

 QUBE serves as the native cryptocurrency for InQubeta and ensures that all transactions are secure and quick. 

The team has fixed 1.5 billion as the upper limit for the token supply. More than 50% of the supply is for public sale, but a small part is used for running the platform.

It’s an asset that ends concerns about what cryptos to buy now as it takes care of both present and future gains.

Users can stake QUBE and receive rewards. Staked tokens support ecosystem growth by adding to liquidity levels. The token owner will earn rewards as long as the asset is staked.

To ensure timely rewards, the InQubeta team has set up a staking pool funded by tax proceeds. 

QUBE is also deflationary. A deflationary model shields an asset from the impact of inflation by tweaking its supply. When inflation rises, the supply is reduced. The combination of high demand and low supply maintains optimal price levels. 

If the supply increases unexpectedly, the extra stock of tokens is burned.

Apart from fundraising, InQubeta also helps startups with business development by introducing them to experts from various fields. 

By interacting with these experts, they can learn how to navigate various financial and legal challenges to accelerate their growth.

Polkadot hits the headlines with free DED airdrop

Polkadot is a decentralized platform facilitating the exchange of data and assets through a network of sovereign chains. 

These blockchains are called parachains and are interoperable. Regarded as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today, Polkadot’s USPs include security and transactional scalability. Its native token is DOT.

Despite fears that the DOT token might experience a bear moment, witnessing a price drop, analysts believe that it’s likely to yield better returns in the long term. 

Loyal holders could utilize any potential price drop to accumulate the DOT for the long term. 

DOT holders are also delighted due to a big announcement from the meme coin DED. 

According to reports, it has garnered much support from the Polkadot community. 

The team behind the meme coin has stated that there won’t be any presale process or team allocation for DED. 

Instead, all DOT holders would receive the DED via free airdrop.

Render Network to cover gas fees for RNDR migrating to Solana

The Render Network is a decentralized platform offering GPU rendering services. It democratizes the rendering services through its AI-based model. 

The platform also helps connect idle GPU units with artists or studios needing their services. All transactions on the platform are made using its native token, RNDR.

The Render Network rapidly rose through the crypto market ranks as it was among the few tokens leveraging AI. However, InQubeta has been giving it neck-to-neck competition in terms of popularity.

In 2023, Render Network migrated to Solana to speed up its operations and make them more secure. As part of the migration, it invited RNDR holders to shift their tokens to Solana. 

These tokens will be rebranded to RENDER. 

The rendering platform recently announced that it would cover the gas fees for all RNDR upgraded to RENDER until Jan. 31, 2024.


Given the impressive growth that they posted last year, InQubeta, the Render Network, and Polkadot are among the altcoins to watch out for this year. 

The three tokens stood firm even when the market hit a low and several popular altcoins were floundering. 

These projects sport features that may support growth. At the same time, their next-generation security frameworks and decentralized structures preserve privacy.

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