Utilizing MoxiWorks for the Ultimate Sphere Engagement


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Successful real estate agents know that the key to success is nurturing their sphere of influence and thereby ensuring they are the go-to person when anyone in their sphere needs any kind of real estate advice, help, and/or services. 

The good news is that nurturing and engaging your sphere doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming, especially with MoxiWorks products. Following a few, or even just one of the tips and tricks listed below will assist you in establishing, growing, nurturing, and maximizing the value of your sphere of influence. 

Cultivate Open, Authentic, Personal, and Consistent Communication with your Sphere 

Frequent and consistent communication with your sphere is paramount to successfully growing your business. However, how you communicate, and the quality of those messages can greatly affect how well they are received by your sphere.  

We all know what it’s like to be bombarded with spam. That is why it is so important to ensure our communications do not become annoying, repetitive, or distracting to our sphere. 

Being open and authentic in the communications you send is of the utmost importance. This can be achieved by sending personal and thoughtful messages to those in your sphere. This could be a “Happy Birthday” email sent from MoxiEngage or maybe a houseiversay text sent by the MoxiEngage Dialer & Messenger powered by WAVV 

Or maybe you are on vacation and come across a cheap pack of adorable postcards. Write a quick message on them and send to your Stay in Flow contacts for the next couple of weeks. It’s best to avoid using canned messages or emails, as they are easy to spot and can make you look lazy or not caring. 

It’s also important to keep these open, authentic, and personal messages delivered on a consistent basis. Part of engaging within your sphere is establishing trust, and open and consistent communication is the foundation of trust building. Update your Stay in Flow settings to ensure you are interacting with your sphere on a regular and consistent basis that works for you. 

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Consider going to Engage CRM settings and setting your preferences to include adding reminders and/or events to your calendar for special dates. 

Engage Regularly with your Sphere as a Whole 

Think of your sphere of influence as an online community and treat it as such. Do your best to keep your community engaged with regular content and up to date information. In today’s day and age that can be accomplished in a myriad of fun and different ways. Try out one or all the ideas below. 

  • Homeowners love to know the value of their home! You can use MoxiPresent for more than just CMAs – once a year, share an annual property review with the top contacts in your sphere. You’re adding value and staying top of mind.  
  • Write a monthly blog post and post it on your MoxiWebsite. Consider making the blog topic non-real estate, as writing about a personal passion can make you look more authentic and approachable. 
  • Create an email campaign in MoxiEngage to stay in touch with your sphere throughout the year. Consider ideas such as a holiday eCard campaign, or seasonal change emails. 

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Become the Go-To Source for your Sphere 

Cultivating open and authentic communication, as well as engaging regularly with your sphere will grow the trust you need to have with your sphere. This foundation of trust can then be used to take you to the next level of not only being a trusted source, but THE GO TO SOURCE! You can do this by adding to your street cred by adding Testimonials to your MoxiWebsite. 

This is another opportunity to use the blog on your MoxiWorks website to offer useful information to assist your sphere in any number of topics, such as: 

  • Seasonal Maintenance 
  • Upgrades and Additions that Up the Value of your Home 
  • Upgrades and Additions that Lower the Value of your Home 
  • When is a Good Time to Sell? 
  • When is a Bad Time to Sell? 
  • When Should I Repaint My House? 
  • Good vs Bad Landscaping 

Create a Facebook business page and post informational articles (including blog articles you may have written) and videos related to real estate, or answer questions posed by people who follow you. 

Adopting just one of these recommendations can lead to an increase in your sphere’s engagement, which in turn will result to more leads and more sales! Imagine the change if you were to adopt all of them. This may seem daunting, but with MoxiWorks products it’s easy and almost effortless.  

Want to see a demonstration of all you can do with our Moxi products in less than an hour? Then check out the Level Up Your Marketing in One Hour video. 


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